Civil Underwater Construction

For hydraulic engineering works (civil underwater construction) you are at the right place. Almost all activities that are carried out above water are also possible under water. The divers of Xepro Diving are well trained and widely deployable. And by properly recording their specialist knowledge, skills and competences, Xepro Diving can offer tailor-made solutions. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we know how we can bring every construction project to a good and safe result. Xepro Diving provides the right people in the right place. Xepro Diving wants to be a professional, reliable and flexible partner for its clients in the field of (structural) hydraulic engineering works. By actively thinking along and taking into account the wishes of the clients, Xepro Diving tries to carry out an assignment or project as effectively and efficiently as possible.

We carry out various activities in civil underwater construction, for example:

  • Place concrete iron baskets
  • Cut away concrete / grout
  • Sheet piling, poles and transit fires
  • Sheet piling repairs
  • High & low pressure cleaning of sheet pile and piles
  • Inspections
  • Assembly work
  • Deposit underground concrete
  • Sludge suction and clean the soil

Some examples of our previous employers:

  • Contractor (Road and Hydraulic Engineering)
  • Infrastructure Companies
  • Government
  • Shipyards

If you would like additional information you can contact us for a non-committal consultation.